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  The Horizoneer Journals: A day in the life of our… Procurement Officer.


Let’s kick-start this confession by briefly talking about the dreads of the full-time job.

The early alarm clock, work tension, close deadlines, they all fall under the everyday work routine. And why not get practical, there’s always that peculiar thing about pressing the snooze button and trying to cuddle back to the comfy bed. Surely, loving your job and strengthening your grip onto what you do makes all the morning head-spin exciting. But what about having it all?


Career development, dealing with cutting-edge technology, getting up-to-speed with how the future will look tomorrow. Sure, there are these usual perks of working in the IT industry. But when these job coordinates are doubled by a close team that shares knowledge and has a good laugh at an after-workday team gathering, you are in for a rewarding experience.



DevOps and the know-it-all of team work


With technology taking over a language of its own, the industry keeps on coining catchy phrases and job titles. DevOps is just a small puddle in an ocean of expressively inventive wordings.

But let’s bring the definition upfront. DevOps shrewdly designates the deliberate process of throwing coders and system operations officers in the same boat throughout the stormy shifting requirements of projects. And ultimately a DevOps team is the benchmark of approaching technology under a holistic loop: that of collaborative software design.

What are the thrills?

Outsiders may view all techies with the same pair of glasses, but below the surface a deep diver will discover the variety that makes the IT landscape self-sufficient and ever-growing: coding, QA, maintenance, system administrators. While project owners take harmony and communication between the architects of the web for granted, the DevOps concept emerges as the solution for the countless examples that have proved otherwise.

The Agile Software Development Methodology, a modus operandi actively used at Horizon IT, has already taken the industry lead in application development. DevOps is just its more… applied extension. One that still awaits standardization and throbs at an expedient pace towards the next trend in software development. We may not be looking in the eye of a software revolution at the moment, but we are definitely tackling the implementation of a new strategy in quickly adjusting to requirements and coming up with solutions that scale.


What to expect?

The whole purpose of collaborative software is to fast forward the processes behind application development as we know it. From early startups to big corporate game changers, DevOps teams are becoming the norm in team independence and self-supervision. Merging developers and system administrators not only accounts for a team with cross-functional skills, but also for faster delivery times, right-on-track consultancy and a senior overall experience in application development.

DevOps may turn out to be just the thought-leaders of a new wave in software development. As expected at fixed time occurrences, new roles jump to the forefront. From full-stack engineers to utility coders, collaboration models and targeted competences are constantly upgraded.

After all, DevOps comes to bridge gaps that people didn’t see people before. And to improve software development as we know it.


Social responsibility makes a brand tick. It may be part of corporate consciousness to desire increase, but a brand looking to add value stays close to the community it serves.

On April 16th, Horizon IT helped 25 children smile. 25 children in need of high-dependency care, carrying an ongoing battle against the adversities of cancer and a painful struggle with illness remission. Our corporate responsibility event endeavored to make every moment count. With trust in our team and a social cause in our hands, we pulled off this community task we voluntarily took over: to organize a fund-raising relying exclusively on internal engagement. The donations collected by Horizon IT were used to buy gifts that children themselves wrote down on their wishlist.

Shoppers for a cause! The Horizon IT team went from store to store and picked up the awaited items. Wrapped up and ready to do the trick, each and every gift was personally handed over to the kids at the Pediatric Section. The muted or more extrovert giggles brought a line of joy to the otherwise silent salons of the Oncology Institute. And it talked out loud about the real duty corporate responsibility holds: linking social needs to actual solutions and results.

April 16th was actually a fully booked day at Horizon IT. We celebrated High Five Day, a day dedicated to raising cancer awareness worldwide, with a team engagement event. A sweet team engagement event. From incentive badges to branded cupcakes, we did well!

Horizon IT High Five Day

High Five Day: Team-up Treat

Our hands-on act-in-kindness event held an ultimate commitment: to turn a caring eye to kids dealing with cancer and respond to their desires for a slight improvement in their everyday routine. And, on the long-term, to prove that social kindness and growth can go hand-in-hand. Well done, team!

Horizon IT Charity Event

Capture: Hands-On Horizon IT Event for raising Cancer Awareness


A Mission. A Goal. A matter of Commitment. And our first Hello to our virtual fellows!

At Horizon IT, it all comes down to AI.

Ever stopped browsing to wonder about the real borders of the virtual? With reality ever more incorporated into the virtual instead of the other way around, we have set to a daring goal: to turn our ID into IT.

Technology brings innovation at the fingertips of the community. But to make a difference, community itself must be brought into the process. This is the mission for which we, the brain-pickers and web aficionados at Horizon IT , have joined minds to bring to life. We believe that a simple fit is the best solution. That tomorrow’s solutions are created yesterday. And that a quality idea can change the world. After all, INTELLIGENCE comes from QUESTIONING and looks for SIMPLIFICATION…

The purpose of a brand is to bring value. The purpose of a company is to bring results. At Horizon IT, our purpose is not simply to make a difference, as this is the prerequisite of existing on a market. Our mission is represented by the pledge we make: to deliver solutions that scale, customized for every business and verified for results. What we create is the digital world of tomorrow.

Our values lie at the intersection of Technology, Quality and Collaboration. What Horizon IT fosters is Simplicity (“SIMPLE IS THE BEST FIT”), Innovation (“WE CREATE TOMORROW’S SOLUTIONS”) and Quality (“WE COMMUNICATE WORLD CHANGING IDEAS”).

At the end of the day, it all comes down to AI. Join us! Ask questions. Give answers. Never settle. Innovate!…