SIMPLE is the best FIT!

Our vision: The Simple is not the obvious, but the Flawless
We help true leaders walk ahead of trends!


Partnering to deliver long-term value

Looking to increase your actual impact on the market? Interested in converting where your human capital is heading to? Ready to unlock your competitive advantage and gain the leverage that you need? Upgrade your range of business capabilities and we’ll give your company the drive boost to reposition itself on the market.


Call us masters of business consultancy. We help you seize opportunity and streamline operations as you maximize your return on investment. By combining our expertise with technical knowledge, we guarantee you will be outperforming everything your competitors do. The strategic solutions outlined by Horizon IT optimize performance and trigger the change that your organization needs.

Transforming a business requires the right partners and the expert input. Sometimes, the right answer may elude even your sharpest management executives. All it takes is a fresh perspective in order to pinpoint the correct action for your company to reach the targeted peaks. Get to know us; masters of business consultancy!


We communicate world-changing ideas

At Horizon IT, we hand off success-recipes, 100% customized for unique needs. It takes us no effort to flawlessly work with the newest technologies, so we are the best in line to assist resourceful enterprises to improve and implement friendly systems and applications. We’re all about setting the business trigger which pushes companies above the highest standards of their competitors!


Our work is the result of a perfect merge between technical expertise, user-experience and client satisfaction, therefore we provide timely, cost-effective systems and solutions that fit right in with current core procedures, services and products. We’re always accountable for full-cycle app development, from picking the best platform according to the project, to post-deploy maintenance and further updates. Yet our job is never over, our applications and systems are smartly built, so as to accept numerous upgrades during its life-cycle.

Not only do our solutions deliver on top of expected results, but we totally concentrate on user experience and interactivity, so that your websites or applications are a pleasure to use. It doesn’t matter if the project is an online store, a presentation website, a blog – just name it; the end users will love the deployed environment. Sophisticated in technology and security, yet simple and understandable to the user – this is our promise!